Table Lamps

Table lamps are used as a decorative accessories for living room, bedroom and office next to sofas, chairs or beds.‚Äč They are also used for task driven activities such as reading and writing. It adds extra light and fills dark or dull spaces of the room. Table lamps are great source for functional lighting as well as decorative lighting. .

Altlas copper table lamp
Belinda light green table lamp
Elara metal table tripod lamp
Eros wooden table lamp
Himaliya Sky blue wooden table lamp
Hydra Sea green table lamp
Luna Sky blue table lamp (1)
Ophelia copper table lamp
Oriya golden table lamp
Portial copper table lamp
Robbie wooden table lamp
Daisy mosaic table lamp.
Imperial brass moroccan table lamp
Zinnia mosaic table lamp.
Sunflower mosaic table lamp.
Iris multicolor mosaic table lamp.