Hanging Lamps

Hanging lamps are fixtures that we hang from the ceiling, suspended by cord or metal chain. Hanging lamps are used for ambient lighting as well as task lighting. Depending upon the size and style of the fixture, you can use hanging lamps in living room, corridors, balcony and kitchen. Using multiple hanging lamps can be a great choice with round or linear base of the fixture. Hanging lamps can be especially useful over a table if you take care of ceiling height and fixture size while deciding length of the fixture. We offer interesting range of mini pendants and multiple hanging lamps.

Black cone pendant light
Black vega plate pendant light
Bluebell mosaic pendant light
Dahlia Mosaic hanging lamp
Diamond blue wooden pendant light
Dots mosaic hanging lamp
Golden crystal hanging lamp- set of 3
Whirlpool black wooden pendant
Whirlpool blue wooden pendant light
Whirlpool natural wood pendant light
Whirpool green wooden pendant
Wooden plate pendant light
Black widow cage pendant light
Corral black cage pendant light
Lbarra copper brown cage pendant light
Lucas green cage pendant light
Sergio yellow diamond cage pendant light
Valerio red cage pendant light