Filament Bulb

Filament bulb uses tungsten filament of 40w and gives subtle glow of light. These bulbs come with E27 type holder and ideal for transparent light fixtures. This bulb sets a welcoming mood and adds vintage nostalgia to your decor setting. Filament bulbs looks very trendy and adds stylish touch to your home decor. Idea is to create an ambiance with Filament bulbs and not to light your room. Use various shapes of filament bulbs in a single space and make your space look amazing.

Atom black filament bulb
Atom blue filament bulb
Atom filament bulb (1)
Atom red filament bulb
Diamond filament bulb
Tear drop filament bulb
Tear drop green filament bulb
Tear drop R2 filament bulb
Tear drop red filament bulb
Test tube filament bulb